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Spring Cleanup

Spring is the time to clear your lawn of debris and address any damage caused by the winter weather. We offer a Spring-Cleanup Package that will cover the numerous tasks that your yard may require:

  • Remove fallen limbs and branches from your lawn
  • Remove leaves
  • Dethatching – the removal of dead grass to allow living grass to breathe and root
  • Edging – Create a clean edge along walkways and flower beds - for a sharp look
  • Weeding – Removal of weeds from flowerbeds and in/around hedges and bushes
  • Mulching – Layer of material added to the surface of soil to improve moisture, reduce weed growth and enhance the visual appeal
  • Trimming or Pruning – Removal of dead or overgrown branches, as needed, to promote new growth
  • First Mow – Allows your grass to easily obtain nutrients and sunlight in this vital growing stage

All Yard Waste Is Recycled



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